Carrier bag

Stiff Records


          title: Carrier bag
   artiste/band: Stiff Records
   record label: Stiff
         format: Carrier bag
   release date: 1977

brief / approach

This is very early on, 1977 I guess...  The concept was that we had - and this was literally how we thought - the world on a plate.  The lettering, like all my stuff then, is  hand-drawn - the logo this time with a large 'S' at each end - like a Victorian fairground sign.

I was still learning how to produce the designs as 'print-ready' artwork for printers to be able to print it - this artwork was hand-drawn small and then blown up - of course the proper way to do it is the other way around..?!

The bags, big enough for LP's,  were used & sold in the original 'Stuff from Stiff' shop - which was upstairs from the first art dept. in the basement - soon after we also moved into the house next door on Alexander St. and we had much more room upstairs - including a vital dark room - with the new, bigger shop below...

The first couple of single bags, album cover, poster/flyers and label artwork I did were also all hand-drawn 'on the spot'...

 I learnt a bit later about professional photo-typesetting that designers & studios used - so I redesigned & drew my 'Stiff alphabet' letters/characters at  4" high for the artwork - so the typesetters could  produce a photo typeset font so we could precisely specify all the text we needed for a given design job and have it delivered by motor bike - proper posh..!