Westworld poster

Theatre of Hate


          title: Westworld poster
   artiste/band: Theatre of Hate
   record label: Burning Rome Records
         format: 60"x40" album & 30"x20" single Posters -2 colour prints...
   release date: 1982 early

brief / approach

...the brief to myself this time was to keep it even bolder & simpler than the single covers' plan - by just  using the distinctive album cover design & layout as a focus - while still developing the band's new 'look' as a secondary aspect...


...the 'bold & simple plan' I mentioned was (and still is for me...) very sound design advice based on the 'deal'  Stiff's MD, Dave Robinson offered me when I first started full-time as their art director - I could have 'carte blanche' with the design aspects of the promotion & publicity posters I did (for the record covers I'd done...) as long as, in his inimitable & vociferous phrase:  "...YOU COULD READ IT FROM A PASSING BUS..!"