Live bootleg LP

Theatre of Hate


          title: Live bootleg LP
   artiste/band: Theatre of Hate
   record label: SS Label
         format: 12" Lp cover - one colour print
   release date: 1981 January

brief / approach

...this was the quickest album cover I ever did..!

 ...because their manager, the aformentioned Terry Razor came into the art department  and said "we need a new cover" - quickly followed by a casual "oh yeah, I've got to be at the printers with the artwork in an hour..."

...luckily for both of us it had to look like a cheap'n'cheerful bootleg album cover as there were a lot of unofficial ones around at the time and Theatre of Hate hadn't yet released their first studio album...


...this cover design shows what's possible when you've only got 20 minutes to use a Process Camera* to combine hand-drawn line illustrations & hand-made textures with photo-mechanically created & altered graphic elements - that are then collage together soasto make the all-important artwork* for the printers to be able to print my designs...

* please see this 'site's "Glossary' & 'Revealed' sections for explanations & further details...